CanGateway – Logger

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CanGateway – Logger is a dual channel device which allows logging Can signals on microSD card in real time. It supports both 29-bit and 11-bit CAN identifiers and ISO 15765 protocols. Additionally high quality processor (200 MHz) guarantees minimum consumption of power and optimum  performance.

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CanGateway Logger

Basic functions are:

  • Ability to logging to two CAN-BUS channels in real time with CAN-Gateway function
  • CAN-BUS signal generating such as Ignition, RPM, speed, switches (for programming, testing ECU’s outside car).
  • CAN-BUS messages modification,  filtering.
  • CAN-BUS signal converting (for programming, testing ECU’s outside car).

Logger description:

  • CAN-Gateway function – converting CAN signals with different speeds.
  • CAN-BUS Logging frames from two channels with same or different speeds.
  • Filtering CAN-BUS frames according to script.txt file.
  • Generating CAN-BUS frames according to script.txt file.
  • Modification of CAN-BUS frames according to script.txt file.
  • Electronic CAN-BUS termination resistors.
  • Power supply – 5 Volts or 12 Volts.
  • Software update using microSD card.
  • Possibility of modification and configuration via PC tool – CanGateway Manager.
  • No loss of any CAN- BUS frames when logging into two channels at the same time, with maximum speed.
  • Additional option for software update in the system/car using DiagProg4 diagnostic tester.

    CanGateway – Logger includes:

    • CanGateway – Logger device,
    • microSDHC card – 32GB,
    • CD with manual and PC tool CanGateway Manager,
    • dedicated carry case,
    • installation kit,
    • ON/OFF adapter ( adapter allows to restore vehicle installation  to factory state).


      CanGateway LOGGER – File Pack (11 MB)



      • CANGATEWAY LOGGER – Manager (Windows 7, 8, 10)

      • CANGATEWAY LOGGER – User manual

      • CANGATEWAY LOGGER – Software Version verification

      • Current software version – boot2.cgu

      • Current software version – update.cgu

      • Logger release.txt

      • Serv_config.txt



      DISCLAIMER: CanGateway Logger is intended for research and development purposes only (off road) – it allows you to perform tests on vehicles under laboratory / testing conditions as well as various vehicle tests and measurements on a chassis dynamometer.